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the pink cube.

Recently I became involved in a new initiative in Groningen: the pink cube. It is set up by Anne van Lierop as a platform dedicated to the visibility and appreciation of queer art and culture. As a young and beginning art historian, Anne noticed a hesitation in the art world when it came to queer art. They write: ‘Either by those who hide behind claims of ‘positive discrimination,’ or those who found it too difficult to acquire ‘museum-worthy’ objects and artefacts and therefore dismissed the subject entirely.’ (…) ‘Large portions of queer history are intangible. They are purposefully omitted from the canon by those in power or even destroyed by force. Additionally, under the threat of such oppression, queer people turn to immaterial and therefore indestructible manifestations of their culture.’ I would like to refer to the pink cube. website for the rest of their powerful statement. Also, check the Instagram page. At the moment, we are setting up the foundation, in which my role will be the secretary of the board. More to come soon!

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