A way of Learning. Growing in Cultural Institutions.
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New publication: A Way of Learning. Growing in Cultural Institutions

On 19 November 2015, MAMA, a Rotterdam-based public gallery, released its new publication A Way of Learning. Growing in Cultural Institutions, including my article C’est toi que as changé. Moderated a panel conversation during the book launch with interesting guests who contributed to the publication: Marlous van Gastel, Emiel Heijnen en Rosa Sijben.

MAMA describes itself as a platform for visual culture at the interface of art and the umbrella of visual culture and where talent development and programming are intertwined. It is a home to a younger generation of artists, art professionals, and the public.

Since its founding in 1997, MAMA has taken a pioneering role in the field of visual arts talent development. By focusing on the experiences of leading educators and cultural organizers, A Way of Learning. Growing in Cultural Institutions looks at how different institutions (museums, higher education, presentation platforms) apply these approaches and the subsequent impact these changes have on their organizations. Do these developments contribute to the democratization and diversification of the cultural field? Can we include public participation without a loss of quality? And, how do these programs contribute to the professional opportunities for an upcoming generation of cultural producers?

I’m honored to be part of this discussion and publication.

My contribution to the book is an adaption of the series of blog posts C’est toi qui as changé on this website.

A Way of Learning. Growing in Cultural Institutions.
With contributions of: Leen Bedaux, Margriet Brouwer, Lisa Finch, Marlous van Gastel, Belinda Hak, Nathalie Hartjes, Emiel Heijnen, Philippine Hoegen, Mark Miller, Lieke van Pruijssen, Rosa Sijben, Milou Terpstra, Ariadne Urlus, Bieke Versloot , Marloes de Vries, Gerben Willers.
Edited by MAMA.  Designed by OONA. Published in Dutch and English. ISBN 9789081647328
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Read here Emiel Heijnen’s Doctoral Dissertation: Remixing the Art Curriculum: How Contemporary Visual Practices Inspire Authentic Art Education2015, Radboud University Nijmegen.

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