Isa Genzken Rose II

Isa Genzken Rose II on the facade of the New Museum, NYC

About Art Must Grow

On Art Must Grow art is cultivated because art must have space to grow, to develop, to change, to expand, to challenge. Every now and then art might grow into something like the stunning blossoms of a pear tree; more often it is as a weed that fights its way through concrete walls. Sometimes the progress is so slow that it’s nearly invisible; sometimes it’s fast and reckless attracting our attention immediately. The growth rate is not constant but variable, depending on the situation and the context.

When we talk about growth, it’s often about our economy, but at Art Must Grow it’s mostly about increasing and cultivating meaning—intentions, content and substance. It’s also about personal growth because we grow through art. Art appeals to our abilities and skills, it activates–sometimes provokes–our mind and thinking; art confronts and concerns us. Art wants an audience, and that audience is you and me.

Art Must Grow is my website. It contains a portfolio where you find a selection of my projects, publications, seminars and collaborations. Furthermore, it’s a blog, which covers a wide range of texts and images from my hand and from others. The content is diverse. Whether from a spontaneous idea to a precise examination of a particular topic, however, all relate to contemporary art.

About me

My name is Lynden Hak
My interest is contemporary art.
I care about art and people.

I’m a

Love to initiate, create and realize artistic projects, preferably in close collaboration with artists, fellow cultural producers and audiences.

Developing human potential, supporting diversity and sustainability in art education. I learn and teach—knowledge and exchange are the basis for growth and empowerment. Strong believer in life-long learning.

Curiosity is key. Using inventive approaches to research art, art history and artistic practices. Devoted to studying work by women and queer artists with a specific focus on performance art and performativity.

With a passion for language, writing and editing, I’m adding my voice to art history or the contemporary art world.

Not afraid to push my limits, always looking for new and thought-provoking ideas, approaches and collaborations.

Thanks to:
Paul van Buuren, van.buu.re/n, for his advice regarding this website.
Justine Harcourt de Tourville, http://www.hadto.be, for copy-editing.