The Blue Salon
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The Blue Salon

The Blue Salon was a dedicated knowledge room within Blue Times (curated by Amira Gad and Nicolaus Schafhausen for Kunsthalle Wien) and expanded the exhibition further into the field of cultural history. Based on the principles of a “Wunderkammer” (Chamber of Marvels) and a study room, a selection of objects from the natural sciences, handicrafts and pop culture were presented in this space.

The Blue Salon was a rich and open source replete with ideas and materials related to the multifaceted perceptions and connotations of the color blue, where the presented objects were to be seen as conversation pieces. The selection was not inexhaustible, and followed a subjective approach that harmoniously merged and yet pushed the boundaries of conventional museum categorizations. The guiding thread between the assembled collections of artifacts was, of course, the color blue. From there, we found reasons to investigate natural, cultural and social phenomena in an associative way. Just as the exploration of blue is not limited to the visual arts, it taps into, amongst other things, popular culture, politics, science, craft, literature, music and film.

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Photo Caption: The Blue Salon, 2014-2015. Photo: Georg Petermichl. Display design: Bundschuh Architects. On the wall: Jonathan Monk’s Map of the World in Work Wear.

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